ISOC-Yemen Calls for Reversing Detrimental Decision by Yemen Net

The Internet Society Chapter in Yemen calls for the immediate reversal of the recent decision taken by Yemen’s only Internet Service Provider Yemen Net to put a cap on the download limits of data traffic in the Golden Package. This package was the only way for clients to have broadband Internet access without worrying about data limits. The decision to impose a metered tariff on this service will have detrimental effects not only on the many businesses that require unlimited broadband Internet access to operate (such as Internet cafes and pre-paid Wifi Internet access providers), but will deprive citizens from enjoying affordable Internet access.
ISOC-Yemen strongly condemns this decision, which if continued, will hinder human and economic development on many level at a time when the world increasingly depends on Internet access for knowledge, economic activity and other important benefits. This is particularly a concern due to the fact that Yemen Net has a monopoly over the ISP sector, effectively giving customers no other ways to connect to the Internet.
As an independent civil society organization seeking to advance Internet access to all Yemenis, we stress on the need to reverse this decision to avoid long-term negative repercussions on the country as a whole.
We also call for improving the quality of the service and telecommunication infrastructure as well as lifting the monopoly to allow all interested investors to launch ISP services and offer new opportunities to clients to access the services of their choice.
We also reaffirm our condemnation of the ongoing  blocking of websites, including VOIP apps. It is vital that the internet is kept from being used in the ongoing conflict but rather promoted as a tool for development, education and a space for free expression.

Issued by the Internet Society – Yemen Chapter
Sana’a – Friday, December 2, 2016

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